About the Founders

Igor Shaltanov

Founder/Managing Partner

Former pro athlete Igor made the transition from Southern Californian entrepreneurship to multifamily investing. He started by acquiring single units of real estate and self-managing these properties. However, managing all of the units on his own became increasingly burdensome and labor-intensive.
Recognizing that this approach was not scalable, he pivoted towards larger apartment buildings with over 100 units. This shift opened up opportunities for retail investors, ultimately leading to the launch of the Avista Fund which he cofounded with Nikita.

Nikita Volchek

Founder/Managing Partner

For 23 years, Nikita has been involved in entrepreneurial activities spanning Germany, Russia, and the USA. His recent notable achievement includes founding the Volchek’s Bakery, which records an annual revenue of over $100 million. After moving away from day-to-day business operations, Nikita has dedicated the past eight years to making strategic investments in U.S. real estate.
Nikita has explored various real estate investment models and ultimately gravitated towards Value Add Multifamily Projects, as they remain a dependable asset and offer some of the most attractive return rates for investors looking to preserve and grow capital. Collaboratively with Igor, they launched a fund and have actively pursued multifamily real estate opportunities for the last four years.

About Avista Fund

In 2020, we wanted to invest in commercial real estate to build and protect family wealth and found out that the best opportunities were offered only to large institutional investors. Unhappy with this lack of access, we founded an Investment Fund to prove the concept and test the market with our own money. To enhance the lives of individuals through real estate investments we open Avista Fund.
We have personally invested in over 20 deals since inception of the fund. Not to mention our team compensates based on performance to ensure alignment. We believe that a good partnership is one where everyone is in the position to win. When you partner with Avista Fund, you won’t find any hidden fees or confusing structures. Our number one priority is a safety of investment. We are currently serving as a limited partner to 3,051 units, with a cumulative value of over $483.5MM. We prioritize conservative underwriting and meticulous due diligence, ensuring a prudent approach to investing while delivering value to both investors and residents. Igor and Nikita’s professional journey exemplifies a relentless pursuit of excellence, supported by their values-driven approach to business and investments.
Through Avista Fund, we not only empower investors but also make a positive impact on the lives of residents and communities.

The Traditional Path: From Startup to Stability

  • Pour endless hours into building your business vision
  • Celebrate milestones with short-lived successes
  • Grapple with the unpredictability of entrepreneurial ventures
  • Search for reliable avenues to stabilize and grow wealth
  • Hope to bypass the complexities of active property oversight

The AvistaFund Strategy: Capitalize on Your Commitment

  • Chart a clear course towards financial resilience
  • Expertly diversify your hard-earned assets
  • Achieve consistent passive income, fortifying your financial base
  • Experience the benefits of astute real estate decisions
  • Redirect your energy to innovation

What Is Real
Estate Syndication?

For the ambitious entrepreneur, real estate syndication presents a collaborative approach, echoing the synergy of successful business ventures. Just as a business thrives on the combined talents of its team, syndication brings together investors to seize expansive and profitable real estate prospects. This united approach empowers you to capitalize on pooled resources, venturing into lucrative areas like multifamily properties and condo developments. It’s more than just investing; it’s about crafting a winning strategy to achieve financial independence and control.